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While there are realtors who fly solo, many successful realtor choose to work in teams. If you’re just starting out in real estate or just want an edge to improve your sales, here are a few reasons why a realtor should consider joining one.


Learn How to Close a Deal

If you’re just starting out in the business, real estate licensing classes can teach everything necessary to know about the process of buying or selling a house, negotiating contracts, and all the knowledge of state law to keep yourself in compliance. However, most classes don’t teach realtors much about the art of the sale. New agents would do well to learn about the real estate industry from a mentor, and a great way to find one is working within a team.


You could gain more referrals

One of the most important parts of the job of real estate agent. For example, it is much harder to build up a quality database by yourself, versus building off referrals and the work of other agents. Whether its monthly updates for the whole team or referrals from other agents that are too busy, it’s possible to get one’s name in a lot more households for less work as a member of a team. Whether it’s a name known locally or globally, aligning with a reputable brand can give clients a boost of confidence when deciding to work with you.


Everyone wins

The reality of working with another realtor is that they take a cut of their subordinates’ profits. However, this means that the ones holding the umbrella have an incentive to do everything in their power to make sure that everyone is a success. The more money that comes in for everyone, the more the boss makes too. Realtors should certainly consider fees and commissions, and what they get in exchange for higher or lower percentages.


Relevant support

Something that’s easy to overlook is the support system of a great realty company. The new realtor is almost certainly overwhelmed, between settling into a new job and marketing their own business, and it can be both relieving and motivating to be part of a supportive group. By joining an experienced group of people which know their craft, it can directly boost business. And the cocktail party invites aren’t bad either.