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In this fast-paced, constantly evolving society, it takes a lot of work to stay on top of all the new information, blogs and websites to follow. Although it can take hours to sift through different articles and sites looking for the information needed, online reading can be beneficial for honing your skill.


In efforts to make searching for resourceful blogs more manageable, this post aims to offer dependable blog sites that have a high reputation for delivering reliable and substantial content for the real estate industry.


Collaborative Real Estate Blogs


RealtorThis site contains a directory of blogs from all over its network. It is a great place to begin to understand the broader aspects of the real estate business. Interested in learning more about real estate technology or the economy? Curious about real estate legislation? Not sure what you’re specifically interested in, but want to learn more about real estate? This site has it all and is a great place to start.


RedfinMost of the information offered in these blogs come from real life experience. Since the writers are all real estate professionals, this blog ensures that the information given comes with credibility and factual information. Redfin focuses on keeping U.S. real estate market information up-to-date with insights from their experts.


TruliaThis is an excellent resource for home buyers to talk with others about home buying, home staging, and remodeling. It can also offer insight into what one should expect when purchasing a new home. Trulia is a perfect place to start when contemplating investing in a home.


ZillowThis is an excellent example of a collaborative real estate blog. It offers first-person how-tos and useful tips. It is a superb resource for people looking to stay on top of market trends, as well as those looking to take advantage of new technologies and their impact on real estate.


Real Estate Marketing, Technology, and News Blogs


GeekEstate Content. Content. Content. The blogs on this site are always up-to-date with new articles every day thanks to a long list of contributing writers and authors. Topics from updates on the latest technology and how to use it to the best time to post ads or articles on Facebook or other sites are all covered throughout this site. It also offers information on implementing strategies to market or locate different listings.
InmanThis site is called the top industry source for real estate news, so this is a site to check out. It offers the option to filter through articles by city or area and shares further information on commute times and up-and-coming neighborhoods.The free blog content on the site is updated almost daily, giving marketing insights and tips, as well as advice and how-tos aimed at today’s Realtors. For even more in-depth information, Inman offers a subscription to premium content.