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While helpful, sales experience is not strictly necessary to be a successful real estate agent. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to impress clients when they want to see a strong history of sales. It can also be difficult to get a salaried job at a broker or firm without prior experience. However, by focusing on the right elements, an agent with no sales experience can still see a successful career in real estate.


Focus On Skills

With no sales experience, skills are the next main selling point. Important skills for real estate agents to both possess and develop include a sense of what makes houses sell, knowledge about the local real estate market, excellent interpersonal skills, technological skills and more. These skills should be focused on when approaching clients or interviews. For agents who worked in a different role prior to dipping into real estate, transferable skills and experiences can be just as important as direct experience. A truthful, convincing narrative of why the agent has chosen this path and what they have to offer can also help convince clients to hire them.


Jobs At A Broker

Working at an established broker has many benefits. They are more likely to hire less experienced agents with potential and train them. Firms can offer access to a mentor, which is an excellent option for younger agents learning the ropes. If a job as an agent cannot be secured, these firms are usually in need of administrative assistants. The same is true for apartment locators. Instead of helping buyers find a home, they help place renters instead and employ administrative assistants as well as leasing agents. Neither of these roles often requires prior experience.


Leverage Education

Real estate schools offer a number of resources for graduates to help them find jobs and land clients. This can include mock interviews, internships and connections in the local real estate market. New agents who attended school can tap into their alma mater’s resources and alumni network for job leads. An education from a good school can also help replace experience requirements for some jobs.


Successful real estate agents do need to be good salespeople. However, at the start of any career, most newcomers don’t have much, if any, actual sales experience. This does not mean they cannot find success in real estate. After all, everyone must start somewhere.