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Convincing someone to make one of the biggest purchases in their life isn’t easy. As a result, some real estate agents struggle to generate sales. They may sell a home or two, after which they experience a dry spell of no sales. However, successful real estate agents usually share a few common traits from which others can learn.


They Use Technology

No longer are real estate agents forced to keep notes on pen and paper. Thanks to mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers, they can easily create, curate and share notes regarding their listings. Successful real estate agents use technology such as this to their advantage, streamlining many common tasks.

Some tech-savvy agents even create video tours to enhance their property listings. According to a study conducted by Inman, 85 percent of home sellers and buyers say they want to work with real estate agents who use video.


They Research the Local Community

Successful real estate agents know the importance of researching local communities around the homes they sell. When a prospective buyer searches for a home, he or she probably wants to know about nearby parks, schools, and stores. In fact, a study conducted by Trulia found that 84 percent of Americans believe the neighborhood in which a home is located is equally or more important than the actual home.


They Respond to Clients Quickly

Real estate agents who fail to respond to phone calls, text messages and emails in a timely manner may struggle to keep their clients. Home buyers and sellers prefer to work with agents who are punctual in their communications. This is another way in which successful real estate agents differentiate themselves from the rest. They make themselves readily available at all times while answering any of the client’s questions or concerns.


They Nurture Client Relationships

The relationship between a real estate agent and his or her client speaks volume about their abilities. Successful agents nurture their client relationships, treating them more like a friend and less like another customer. They may buy their clients’ lunch, talk about personal matters and show a higher level of compassion towards the client’s needs.


No two real estate agents use the exact same approach, but you’ll typically find the aforementioned traits among all successful agents.